HEN-GEAR Research Meeting, Braga (April 1/2, 2014)

Braga, April 1-2, 2014: The 2 days Braga Research Meeting was held in Braga on April 1, 2 2014 at the University of Uminho. It was meant as  a training seminar to enhance capacities transfer among the Partners and knowledge share at academic/research level. In particular the meeting was address at discuss and design strategies and methodologies to be followed  in the running of the Armenian Graduates' Survey (WP.4.) and in order to exploit the database information and to enhance "internal Quality Assurance" in the Armenian universities.

HEN-GEAR' Steering Committe (2 Dec 2013)

Yerevan, December 2:  Representatives of the HEN-GEAR partner institutions met in Yerevan at Armenian State University of Economics to participate in a twofold event: in the morning to the Institutional Meeting on  human capital assessment and graduates’ employability in Armenia; in the afternoon to the meeting of the Steering Committee of the HEN-GEAR project.


HEN-GEAR' IT Staff Training (15/16 July 2013)

Bologna, July 15th-16th 2013: The Armenian Universities IT staff was trained in Bologna in a two days meeting where competences and tools for HEN-GEAR system management and development. Main contents of the training:

  • The Development of the Armenian integrated demand supply matching model: an introduction.
  • Data transfer; Exploitation; Data warehouse; Planning and Project Management

The meeting was attended by delegates from Armenian Partner Universities, by the European partner of Las Palmas and by AlmaLaurea IT team of experts. 

HEN-GEAR' Administrative Staff Training (7/8 May 2013)

Yerevan, May 7th-8th 2013. The two days training was addressed to Armenian Universities' student offices/secretariats staff. The meeting was attended by delegates of the eight Armenian Unviersities, by representative from the Armenian Students Association, by the University of Huelva and the University of Las Palmas and by representatives from  AlmaLaurea.


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