September 2014-Project meeting and launching of WP3.1 Activities

Project  Meeting was held on September, 24 (2014) in Yerevan hosted by the YSUAC.

The Meeting has been organized in two sessions:
• First session (Mangement meeting)  addressed to the discussion of techical issues and project' activities : state of art of the project, assessment of  students’ registration in the HEN-GEAR platform, planning of the HEN’GEAR graduates’ profile’ activities, synergies with ARARAT, project sustainability, financial issues.
• Second session (launching of WP.3.1. activities): first evaluation activities with the students. ANSA involved around 40 students in the meeting. A questionnaire has been  delivered to the students. The focus group with students is preliminary to the mise online of the full questionnaire for evaluation by the students (CAWI questionnaire.) Such activity is to be planned in Autumn following the population of the database by all the universities.