Platform Tutorial

The HEN-GEAR platform video tutorial allows the users an easy access to the platform’ online tools. They are conceived not only for dissemination purposes but also to enhance the sustainability of the developed  (demand supply matching) platform beyond project life.

Together with the user guide for the HEN-GEAR platform (available in the document area of the HEN-GEAR project website and on the HEN-GEAR platform website) the following video tutorial have been created:

-tutorial for the HEN-GEAR students at disposal of the HEN-GEAR students for a more friendly use of the platform;

-tutorial for the HEN-GEAR firms already registered in  the HEN-GEAR platform or potential users of the platform (one video is addressed to the CV search facility and another to the Job offer posting).


Tutorial for the HEN-GEAR staff that, at each university level, will be in charge of students’ help desk and firm management and accreditation are available in document area WP9. Sustainability.


Video tutorial are also  available on the HEN-GEAR Platform Webpage: