HEN-GEAR Dissemination Meeting and Steering Committee, Yerevan (January, 20, 2015)

The Dissemination Meeting took place at ASUE, on the Database trials inception and presentation of the platform services to stakeholders (WP.5.4.). “The appointment gathered  a relevant number of participants (University officials, students organization, Entrepreneurs organization, Ministry and Government agencies officials) thus being a very important moment for disseminate system objectives and potential benefits at Armenian national level.” Speakers welcomed the HEN-GEAR Project and underlined its importance for students, employers, stakeholders, and society on the whole. The HEN-GEAR platform was mentioned as a good tool to develop an appropriate network for education and business world communication which is extremely needed in Armenia. So far, many steps have been made to implement the Armenian Graduates’ Database: with 4,500 registered graduates and almost 3,500 CVs made available to the local businesses. Therefore, while the Universities that joined the HEN-GEAR Consortium are developing the first Armenian Graduates’ Profile, main key components of the project have been put in place, from transferring the knowledge for the management of all system functions locally to the completion of a first platform assessment by the Association of Armenian students.  

The second part of the day was devoted to the HEN-GEAR Steering Committee, an occasion will to discuss, among the other issue, the future sustainability of the project.