HEN-GEAR Information meetings with companies and University career center (February, 27 2015-Yerevan)

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In frames of Tempus HEN-GEAR Project, two Information Meetings took place on the 27th of February, 2015, in Yerevan at Armenian State University of Economics and Yerevan Plaza Business Centre. 
The first HEN-GEAR Meeting was initiated by the National Erasmus+ Office Armenia and co-organized by the local partners of HEN-GEAR project for the managers and administrative staff members of University Career Centers   at the Armenian State University of Economics.
During this session, the HEN-GEAR Project (project rationale, its expected outputs, the developed database and required steps for registration in the platform) was  introduced to the  managers and other staff members of 13 University Career Centers.  It was  delivered to the participants of the meeting that HEN-GEAR project envisages the future enlargement of the platform to new universities (registration of graduates’ data not only from partner universities of the consortium but also from other higher education institutions), thus promoting the formation of Armenian university graduates’ comprehensive database. Hence the aim of the meeting was also to motivate the universities outside the HEN-GEAR project consortium to participate in the  established graduates’ database which will help them collect and analyze data on their university and graduates’ performances, as well as facilitate the placement of graduates in the labour market, and improve internal and external efficiency of the higher education system.
The second Information Meeting was organized  on the same day by  HEN-GEAR project partner the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia (UMBEA) at Yerevan Plaza Business Centre. The  session included opening words by the representatives of UMBEA, Ministry of Education and Science and National Erasmus+ Office. Then the HEN-GEAR platform was introduced to the representatives of Armenian business sector, employers, and companies.  It was shown how the platform gives Armenian companies availability of continuously updated national database of graduates where the employers could easily search for the candidates according to the level of skills, knowledge and experience required to meet the graduate-level jobs. Also companies can easily post internship program and job offer on the HEN-GEAR platform.