Yerevan, April 9, 2015: HEN-GEAR Research Seminar (Wp.2.4.), Sustainability and Management-NUACA

The Meeting, hosted at National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, has been organized in two sessions:

First session is devoted to the Research Meeting and addressed to the presentation of the  preliminary results of the HEN-GEAR Pilot Survey Graduates’ Profile. The HEN-GEAR universities that have already worked on the pilot survey  presented the preliminary results. The presentation was followed by  open discussion,  comments and suggestion so to tune up the survey before the delivery of its final version.
A specific session has been devoted to the presentation of statistical indicators for quality assurance.

The second part of the meeting focued on Sustainability and it was  an occasion to update the state of art of assess decisions for HEN-GEAR consortium creation: share of cost estimation (business plan) and managing issues.