Las Palmas, July 7-8, 2015: HEN-GEAR Graduates’ Profile Survey and Job Condition Design presentation (WP.4.2.-4.3.) and Management (WP.8.)

The meeting, hosted by the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was attended by a delegation of 45 participants from all project consortium members: the Armenian Ministries of Education and the Armenian Ministry of Labour and Social Issues,the eight partner universities or Armenia, ANQA , ANSA, UMBEA and the European Partners of Huelva Minho Las Palmas and the coordinator  AlmaLaurea.  The metting was organized in two days, the first day focused on the presentation of the “2014 HEN-GEAR Graduates’ Profile Surveys” by the eight Armenian universities. Following, the ANQA  summarized the results in the “HEN-GEAR Graduates Survey” where the common trends, similarities and results drawn by the comparative analysis of the eight reports have been  put into light and summarized in a unique framework. 

The meeting was also the  occasion to deliver the  “Job Condition Survey Design”: a full design of a common methodology for the future development in the HEN-GEAR university of the comparative Graduates job conditions survey’ based on AlmaLaurea experience in Italy. The Job condition Survey Report is conceived as a guideline at disposal of the HEN-GEAR universities for the future exploitation of the data collected through the platform and the future run of the HEN-GEAR Graduates’ Employment Condition Survey.

The meeting was also the occasion to show by the UMB(E)A the final Results of the Assessment Report done with the companies (WP.3.1/3.2.) and the positive outcome of platform assessment by focus group of Armeniana companies. The meeting was enriched by the EU partners presentation on the theme of quality assurance, surveys production and best practices in the field of higher education and graduates employability.

The second day of the meeting was a management meeting focused on next steps and HEN-GEAR Project Sustainability.   


Meeting news also available at ASUE website: