HEN-GEAR Research Meeting, Braga (April 1/2, 2014)

Braga, April 1-2, 2014: The 2 days Braga Research Meeting was held in Braga on April 1, 2 2014 at the University of Uminho. It was meant as  a training seminar to enhance capacities transfer among the Partners and knowledge share at academic/research level. In particular the meeting was address at discuss and design strategies and methodologies to be followed  in the running of the Armenian Graduates' Survey (WP.4.) and in order to exploit the database information and to enhance "internal Quality Assurance" in the Armenian universities. The meeting was preliminary to the carry out of the Armenian Graduates Surveys, in concomitance with the starting of the population of the database for providing the partners with all information on the survey; from the content of the survey and its technicalities till the use of the data and information provided by the survey for assessment of  internal efficacy of HE system and for policy making. 40 People attended the meeting: 30 HEN-GEAR partners from  Armenia (8 Universities  Plus ANQA Director plus local coordinator from the  Ministry of Education), representatives from  EU partner universities (1 from Las Palmas, 5 Uminho and 2 from Braga) and 2 from AL. Among them economist, sociologists, experts, researchers, and the Local Coordinators of HEN-GEAR.