Work Package 4


The WP will focus on the statistical data production side of the system. 1) Set up of the first Armenian Graduate Profile survey. The report will be prepared starting by the graduate dataset of a defined period and statistical analysis will be carried out following the experiences of AL and other EU partners in the field of Internal Quality Assessment processes. The wide debate on quality assessment raised during the seminars in Braga and Yerevan seminars will guide the report design.

 2) After an efficient population of the data base it will be also possible to design a Survey on the graduates job conditions, the first survey of this kind in the country. The new survey will be designed and prepared for the subsequent start in the project follow up phase (interview planning, field phase, data collection data treatment editing). The relevance of the report will depend on the starting quality of the DB information (graduates up-to-date addresses, phone numbers, e-mails).

The quality of data in the system depends on the level of involvement of stakeholders. The more graduates will be motivated to keep up-to-date their data (spurring employment opportunities) the more the quality of the survey will be high. The raise of interest for the database by recruiters is an asset also for data production efficiency aimed to produce information for HE policy making but also to social research. Raising the interest of the user is of course a long lasting process. For such reasons this WP will be an opportunity to establish a common methodology useful in the future for even more relevant ad meaningful researches.

Work Package 4.-Deliverables


  • Exploitation of the set of information collected through the DB system implementation
    • Armenian Graduates Profile Survey (Pilot Profiles have been presented by six out of eight HEN-GEAR universities in Yerevan on April 9, 2015. Final surveys will be presented on July 2015 together with the National Armenian Graduates Profile developed by ANQA)
      • Preliminary Activity: Profile DB cleaning and exploitation
    • Armenian Job Condition Survey design (1 year after graduation)
      • Preliminary Activity: Full design of a common methodology for the interuniversity comparative Graduates job conditions survey’ future set up.