Work Package 6


Sustainability is as ongoing activity aimed at assure main condition for the system sustainability beyond project life. 1) Database active and continuously updated. It will last also after project conclusion thanks to national and universities funds. 2) Statistical Surveys conducted on a periodic basis (once per year) and results delivered to University managers and government policy makers. 3) The CV database will be continuously promoted towards subjects operating on Human resources management and employment asking for CVs and related service. The CV database will last and will be disseminated to ensure sustainability and efficacy of the instrument. 4) Collaboration with international networks will be disseminated, extension of the project idea in EU, neighboring countries and Russia . 5) Collaboration with Entrepreneurial and students associations in Armenia and international level will last after the project and will be disseminated. For guarantee the above objectives Armenian Universities will create a consortium in order to ensure the ongoing of the DB and its management. One of the member will be the manager of the consortium and coordinate the overall activities, as well the Ministries will have a important role as external associate. The Universities interested in joining the Consortium will pay an entrance fee (plus subsequent annual fees) and this will guarantee – without additional costs – the supply of the following services to interested subjects: periodic statistical survey on their graduates performances, the raise of placement opportunity of their university graduates, the deeply monitoring of the effectiveness of their degree courses in checking labour market outcomes of their graduates. The same information will be provided to QA agency committees and government agencies.

Work Package 6.-Deliverables

  • Business sustainability analysis (management, cost analysis)

Armenian University Consortium Foundation: at April 2015 several meetings have been taken place to discuss the issue of consortium foundation and future of the Project. Different options have been developed together with  business analysis and feasibility study by the Consortium members. A draft "agreement" of cooperation have been developed. In the forthcoming months local meetings will be held to find an agreement for system centralization in Armenia.