Work Package 8

Work Package 8.- MANAGEMENT

PROJECT COORDINATION is in charge at AL as Lead Applicant and it will provide the necessary tools and methods in order to guarantee the proper project implementation, to ensure an effective and continuous monitoring and evaluation of activities. The coordination of the project is supported by management bodies as follow:


  • A Steering Committe (SC), as a body of appointed members, composed by higher representatives of partner institutions (i.e. Director, Rectors, Ministerial Members). The MB will review the overall project implementation, also identifying dissemination activities and the involvement of financial supporter for the system deployment. SC meetings will be organized under the request of the partners and according to the project conditions and requirements.
  • A Technical/Administrative Board (TB), composed by project representatives from each partner,  it will meet on a regular basis supervising the full standards programme and promoting its speedy execution by carrying out project work in accordance with the different tasks and activities. It monitors project methodological procedural and financial progress and supervises its compliance with the programme obligations, proposes and approves changes in the agenda, intervenes for the resolution of any possible incoming problems.
  • Working Groups with specific role and tasks, in accordance with projects activities to be carried out. In particular at least two working groups will be set up:
  • IT Team of Experts, composed by technology officer, system designer, supervisors and developers,  will be in charge of the development and monitoring  of the database, of the set up of pilot modules, of coordinating the activities of the local group of IT experts appointed by the Universities. It will be also in charge of system quality control.
  • Researchers Team, composed by researchers and statisticians, will be in charge of exploiting the information (collected through the database) by producing the analysis. The team will set up methodology and  relevant indicators for  data treatment and survey organization,  The surveys comprise the Graduate Profile and design of a Job condition survey (1 year at graduation).


Work Package 8.-Deliverables

  • Kick off Meeting

Steering Committee Meetings