Yerevan, April 9, 2015: HEN-GEAR Research Seminar (Wp.2.4.), Sustainability and Management-NUACA

The Meeting, hosted at National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, has been organized in two sessions:


September 2014-Project meeting and launching of WP3.1 Activities

Project  Meeting was held on September, 24 (2014) in Yerevan hosted by the YSUAC.


HEN-GEAR Project Final Conference, Yerevan, October 29, 2015, Yerevan State University

We are pleased to announce that HEN-GEAR Project Final Conference, will be held in Yerevan, October 29, 2015, at the Yerevan State University (Academic Council Meeting room, Central Building, 5th floor) .


HEN-GEAR Project Presentation_"10th International Conference on Computer Science and IT”

The HEN-GEAR project will be presented in the upcoming conference “10th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies”, to be held in Yerevan on 28 Sept.-2 October and organized by the National Academy of Science of Armenia. In particular, HEN-GEAR project platform and main results will be presented by Project Coordinator Luisa Mengoni in the specific Workshop of day 2 “Information Technologies in Education” moderated by Lana Karlova, National Erasmus+ Office in Armenia.


End November 2014-Institutional Meeting and Steering Committee (WP.5.4.)

The Meeting will be hosted at ASUE (Yerevan)  in occasion of the Database trials inception and presentation of the platform services to firms.


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